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Hoonuit acquires DecisionInsite!

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What Enrollment Challenges Does Your District Face?

No matter the challenge, Hoonuit allows you to find tangible and realistic solutions quickly and easily. Learn how we utilize a combination of enrollment analytics, location intelligence and real-world expertise to provide the full picture and impact of enrollment to school district leaders.

A Better Approach to Forecasting

Hoonuit clients receive more than an enrollment projection report. We provide district leaders with the technology, forecasting, and expertise they need to understand how enrollment impacts their district in the past, present, and future.

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“The DecisionInsite tool gives us the ability to organize and analyze data in whole new ways. Instead of finding trends in graphs or charts we are discovering them visually in maps of our neighborhoods.”

Joel Rabin

Assistant Superintendent, Natomas Unified School District

“Working with the DecisionInsite staff over the years has been an invaluable experience and I highly appreciate their efforts that go above and beyond to address our needs.”

Nancy Baker

Director of Facilities, Corona-Norco Unified School District

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“DecisionInsite is a responsive customer service company that works with the client to understand the data to make decisions.”

Barry Schimmel

Interim Associate Superintendent, Pittsburg Unified School District

“The expertise and support of the staff combined with the power of the program led to a successful restructuring of the district.”

Jim Fregelette

Executive Director, Erie 1 BOCES

“DecisionInsite has simplified a very complex process for school districts. Also, the professional-quality charts, graphs and aerial images we were able to create and import into the power point presentation from The DI System made a tremendous impact on parents and community members— the validity of the data was never scrutinized!”

Ara Zareczny

Director of Facilities, Newport-Mesa Unified School District

“Your product was invaluable to our school district and provided rich data for which we continue to analyze and use.”

Joshua A. Doll

Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Dallastown Area School District

“This is the sort of detailed strategic planning tools that the marketing and corporate world has had for years. It's about time that school districts had access to such a finely tuned decision-making tool.”

Paul H. Reed

Deputy Superintendent, Newport-Mesa Unified School District

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Quick and Accurate Enrollment Solutions

We enable school districts to quickly and accurately find tangible and realistic solutions to their enrollment related challenges. The Enrollment Projections and Analytics solution suite supports reliable budget planning, efficient facilities planning, and fosters proactive staff deployment projections. All while promoting data-driven decisions for both management teams and school boards alike.

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We are Enrollment Impact Specialists

A District’s enrollment impacts many things, from budgets, to staffing, to facility needs, to student transportation, to special programs and more. DecisionInsite — powered by Hoonuit — provides the nation’s school district leaders with the technology, analytics and expertise they need to understand how enrollment impacts their District – past, present and future.

By bringing the total enrollment picture into focus, school district leaders have the understanding they need to implement informed administrative and student transportation policies.

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  • Precise Enrollment Forecasts
  • Effective Class Sizes
  • Data-Driven Facilities Planning
  • Accurate Budgeting

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