StudentTripManager is designed to take advantage of an array of current technologies in order to make the entire management process simpler and more time efficient. Moreover, each aspect of the system is fully customizable so that the district’s current policies and practices can be incorporated.

Features of StudentTripManager include:

Online Student Trip Request form

  • Requests for arranging a student trip are submitted from a browser
  • Estimates of bus availability, travel time and cost may be reviewed prior to submitting the trip request
  • The approval process is easily customizable by trip type, and the approval process is handled via email  
  • Approvers can modify the trip request data, including funding source(s)
  • Drivers are assigned by the dispatcher based on policy or contractual provisions for eligibility.
  • Buses are assigned based on capacity, and may be assigned to any driver.
  • Drivers are notified of an offer of assignment via email, and accept or decline via email
  • Trip Sheets, emailed to each key participant, display all the data relative to dates, times, destinations, staff contact person on the trip, assigned drivers, lead driver, driver instructions, etc
  • Destinations based on a satellite map view can be easily refined to a precise location
  • Driver data from a completed trip is customizable and can be entered via the web
  • The formula for trip charges is customizable by district and is used for preliminary estimates; final charges are calculated by the transit administrator
  • Trip charges can be assigned to multiple funding sources
  • Invoices are prepared for other funding sources and can be printed or emailed
  • Maps and turn lists can be printed or emailed
  • Previously used funding sources, departure points and destinations are accessible for auto-completion or from drop-down lists to save data entry time

StudentTripManager uses prevalent web, email and GPS technologies. It is fully cloud-based, requiring no software or hardware for a district to purchase, install, maintain or update. The result is a more efficient process, and a more cost effective solution.

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