A RouteSaver study is performed by DecisionInsite’s student transportation staff using a proprietary analytical tool designed by our technology team. RouteSaver analyzes a district’s complete home-to-school transportation configuration and seeks to demonstrate how a district might transport the same number of students using fewer buses – with minimal disruption.

Our team collects your district’s transportation data, performs the analysis and then reports back the  findings. If a route can be saved, clients are provided the data and analytics which demonstrate how a change might be implemented. Further collaboration between the district and the DI team might result in additional savings and other ancillary benefits.

Where performed in moderately sized fleets, RouteSaver studies have demonstrated specifically how to improve on-time schedules and/or reduce the number of buses necessary to serve existing bus runs.. Better still, there is little risk for districts. Beyond a small fee for the initial analysis, there is no cost unless our team can demonstrate a reduction of at least one bus route.

The video below explains RouteSaver in more detail.

Based on existing morning and afternoon bus run data, RouteSaver will:

  • Determine whether the bus runs can be reassigned to various buses in a way that will save at least one bus
  • Determine whether adjusting bell times for one or two campuses, can result in reducing the number of buses needed. Bell times will be adjusted, no more than ten minutes.
  • Determine whether runs can be juggled to make better use of buses in the fleet that have lesser capacity, and therefore lesser operational costs.
  • Seek to solve the problem of buses arriving behind schedule.

Once the data is loaded into RouteSaver (run times, passenger counts, bus capacities, school start and stop times) scenarios can be tested in a matter of minutes. In the reporting process, data is displayed relative to any changes in mileage and dead way time.

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