RouteManager Special Education


Designed to manage the transportation services required by a constantly changing special education clientele (or student population) RouteManager Special Education  takes full advantage of the latest web-based and GPS technologies to address all the complexities of these critical services.  RouteManager Special Education is designed to make quick work of changing the passengers and/or the bus stops on any bus run, and immediately printing an updated turn list with passenger documentation for each bus stop.

Product features include:

Route with Load Times

  • Drag Google proposed turn list to modify if necessary
        • Position bus for pickup on right side of street
        • Avoid known high traffic intersections/streets
  • Generate revised turn list immediately following:
        • Edit duration times for each bus stop
        • Edit travel time for the each leg of the run
        • Add or delete students to/from a run
  • Display all special ed student attributes on Trip Sheet
  • Upload existing stops and bus runs from Excel, by exporting data from your onboard GPS system, or using RouteCapture.
  • Upload basic data through Excel basic data, e.g., busses, drivers, students, school locations, etc.
  • Visually identify wheelchair passengers on the map on screen
  • Instantly test whether a proposed bus run meets time parameters
  • Search and edit all student data relevant to transportation services
  • Specify loading time for each bus stop during run scenario-building process
  • Quickly display manifests and turn list and passenger attributes for revised runs
  • Easily edit the order of bus stops on a given run

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