Use Your SmartPhone and Go!

Digital Bus Routes and Stops can be a reality for every School District and there is no need to use expensive and complicated proprietary hardware. RouteCapture employs GPS in SmartPhones or Smart Tablets such as the iPad to trace the runs, stops and routes taken by each bus in a district’s fleet. Placing a SmartPhone on the bus as it executes its normal run, automatically collects real time data regarding stops and turns. When a district does not have its runs and routes easily accessible for uploading, RouteCapture provides an easy way to digitize routes.


Creating a route in RouteCapture

Once routes and stops are gathered, they can be viewed through the StudentView system.  Clients gain the capability to understand the locational relationship between students, stops and routes.

Already have routes in digital form?  Great! DecisionInsite’s team can take your GPS, CSV or shape file format routes and import them into the StudentView system for viewing.

Note: Files must be provided to DecisionInsite in our approved format.  RouteCapture is designed to convert paper-based Route Maps into digital form.  Route Capture is not designed for real-time, daily, fleet tracking.  RouteCapture is a view-only application.

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