Sample Reports


Powerfully communicate how enrollment impacts your district with StudentView. The StudentView system allows clients to quickly and easily build reports and presentations. Reports generated contain information about district students or demographic data about the community as a whole. Any table in the StudentView system can be exported to excel in one click. Data displayed on the map can be converted into a PowerPoint Slide in seconds.

Reports containing demographic data can be generated in two ways- custom and pre-defined.

Custom Report

The Custom Reports menu allows clients to select the demographic data sets they need and select the geography they want to query.   Geographic areas can be as small as a neighborhood or as large as a multi-state region.

Pre-defined Reports are available and have been built by the DI Analyst team. Three examples, of many, are below:

Enrollment Potential Analysis Report

The Enrollment Potential Analysis Report compares the number of students served by the District with the number of School Age persons within a geographic area.   This report has been successfully used by DI clients to identify areas where additional community outreach might be warranted.

ExecutiveInsite Report

The ExecutiveInsite Report is a Pre-defined Report suitable for Executive Level or Board Level review. Designed to give decision makers an understanding of their District, this report contains a wealth of information.

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The SchoolInsite Report

The SchoolInsite Report is a Pre-Defined Report suitable for School Level review.   Designed to give School Site leaders a better understanding of the fabric of their local school area, this reports empowers leaders to make decisions based on data, not anecdotal information.

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