New Client Interface

/Updates and Information about DecisionInsite's Next Generation Client Interface

For the past several years, DecisionInsite’s development team has been working to update and improve our StudentView Platform.

We are pleased to announce that the next generation client interface is here and ready for you to use. 

Next Steps:

 For a period of time, you will be able to choose between the current interface and the new client interface. After the beta period, the current StudentView platform will be retired and all clients will transition to the new client interface.

Client Interface Orientations:

Through the rest of this school year, we will be offering a number of ways you can get the information you need to get the most out of the new interface. The options will include:

  • With your DecisionInsite representative –  If your team would like a more personalized meeting, your DI representative will meet with you in-person or virtually and demonstrate the new interface using your District’s data
  • Webinars –  We will be holding webinar sessions every Wednesday at 11 am PT and 1 pm PT through mid-March.  

What We Did and Why We Did it

The improvements can be categorized into two major areas:

  • Our system infrastructure
  • The web application that you, our clients, interface with

System Infrastructure:

The work our team undertook was focused on making our overall platform more scalable, more secure and to allow for future integrations and upgrades. The work completed will position our platform to more fully leverage both current and future technologies.

Client Interface:

This work was geared towards making our platform easier to use and to provide more rapid access to data clients are looking for. In addition to a more modern look and feel, the menu structure, reports and tools are grouped and organized in a more consolidated fashion. This results in occasional users being able to utilize the platform with reduced training requirements and for other users to complete tasks more rapidly and more easily.

Below is a series of videos that will guide you through each facet of the upgrade.  More videos will be available as the launch date approaches. 

Video Introduction:

Video Overview: Plotting Advancements

Video Overview: Shapes and Layers

Video Overview: Reporting and Charting

Video Overview: New Features!