Key District Contacts

  • Thank you for your assistance with this information. DI uses the information provided here to ensure we are making contact with your appropriate district personnel. Upon receipt of this information, we will follow up with additional instructions for the next steps. In some cases, there may be overlap in certain duties. If this is the case, re-enter the same contact information where appropriate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 877-204-1392.
  • (person in the organization administratively responsible for the DI - District Relationship)
  • School Data Contact

    (provides address and grade range data on each school)
  • Student Data Contact

    (prepares the student data file for upload)
  • District Maps

    (provides DecisionInsite with Attendance Boundary Maps)
  • Residential Development Contact

    (provides contacts or data regarding proposed residential development)
  • Alternate Contact

    (available by phone or email to direct DI to appropriate district person to answer other questions when primary contact might not be available, ie. assistant)
  • Enrollment Projection

    (Other than the primary user, is notified when projections are released)