Housing dynamics impact all school districts and DecisionInsite helps districts proactively plan for those changes.

DecisionInsite’s Residential Development team helps school districts discover what residential development plans are being planned within its district’s boundaries. While some districts have the internal capability of conducting residential development research and annually updating the data, many districts no longer have the resources to do this work and turn to DecisionInsite to handle this function.

School districts partner with DecisionInsite on new housing and boundary studies; our team understands the information, process and strategies associated with the complexities of associated with new housing studies. From obtaining the data a school district needs to plan for the impact of future residential development, to having the tenacity to dig until we are convinced we know what is being planned, to presenting this information to committees, boards and the public, partnering with DecisionInsite helps school districts be more efficient.


In the area of New Housing, school districts turn to DecisionInsite for the following:

  • Residential Development Research
    Our team skillfully discovers the phasing of proposed dwelling units by type planned 10 years into the future. We integrate this information with the StudentView System and project future students according to the development schedule. Most districts update this information annually to reflect changes in the housing market.
  • Student Generation Rates
    These studies examine recent housing occupancies to produce yield factors by dwelling unit type for each of three levels: elementary, middle and high school. Typically, these rates are designated as either single family detached, single family attached, or multiple family units. Average or default SGRs, can be applied to all proposed dwelling unit projects across the district, or SGRs can be tailored to apply to specific projects.


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