Enrollment Forecast Studies


Understand Enrollment in Minutes

DecisionInsite currently creates annual enrollment forecasts for over 140 districts across the United States. A central component of our EnrollmentAnalytics suite of solutions, our enrollment forecast options are suitable for districts of all sizes.  We have worked with Districts that range is size from under 1,000 students to over 200,000 students.

What sets our Enrollment Forecasts apart is, our ability to forecast enrollment trends that include students who may not attend a school within their home attendance area.  In other words, our forecasts will include students who reside outside a district’s attendance area or who attend a different school within the district due to school choice initiatives, magnet programs or other special programs.

Led by Dr. Dean Waldfogel, DecisionInsite’s projection analyst team engages and interacts with our clients to identify issues and insure accuracy while our analysts leverage the capabilities of the StudentView system to produce highly accurate forecasts for our clients. Completed enrollment forecasts are deployed to our clients via our StudentView platform and the integrated projections enable a host of calculators, tools and analytical reports that allow district leaders to truly understand and create realistic “what if” scenarios.  Unlike static enrollment projection reports, our enrollment forecasts are dynamic, interactive, and accessible for further analysis anytime.


Our most popular option provides for two, ten-year, by-school, by-grade, enrollment forecasts – a moderate forecast suitable for facility planning and a conservative forecast suitable for fiscal and staffing planning. Single, five-year forecasts are also available.

For clients where residential housing development might impact student enrollment, new housing data is incorporated into our enrollment forecasts. Enrollment forecasts can be viewed with or without the impact of new housing included.  Click here to learn more about our residential development research services.


Additional Enrollment forecasting solutions include:

  • Monitor the projected available capacity at each school
  • Model grade configuration changes
  • Model school feeder configuration changes
  • Quantify out-of-district enrollments by school
  • Special Needs students projected as a separate cohort (Students in all day classrooms)
  • Integrated Staffing Calculator provides analysis of required fall teaching staff based on school by grade forecasts
  • Analysis of intra-district and inter-district enrollment patterns
  • Much more…

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