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Your Enrollment Re-imagined

Our EnrollmentAnalytics suite of enrollment solutions enables school district administrators to quickly and accurately find tangible and realistic solutions to their enrollment challenges.

DecisionInsite’s EnrollmentAnalytics modules supports reliable budget planning, informs efficient facilities planning, fosters proactive staff deployment projections and promotes data-driven decisions for both management teams and school boards. School districts are enthusiastic about DecisionInsite’s EnrollmentAnalytics ability to provide realistic information on past, present and future enrollment patterns and how that information relates to district operations.  Our unique fusion of enrollment projections, demographic data, professional expertise and technology reveals solutions to enrollment related challenges.  Gone are the days of standalone paper reports. With EnrollmentAnalytics, district leaders can access results via the StudentView System and conduct further analysis day or night.


With EnrollmentAnalytics your school district will be better prepared to:

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