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Welcome to DecisionInsite! Our team is looking forward to working with you and your staff.  The information that follows will guide you and your team through the steps required to enable StudentView functionality.

Please note that system features become active after data has been uploaded.

As soon as possible, please complete our New Client Survey.  The information gathered in this survey is critical for our team to have when preparing enrollment forecasts. Click here to complete the survey.

New Client Data Request Quick Start

Welcome to DecisionInsite! We are looking forward to assisting your school district in developing accurate and helpful data on your students and community. Here are the initial five steps to set up the StudentView System:

Step 1: Provide Contact information for Key District Personnel – These are the people in your district who will be responsible for completing the following steps.  We will use this information to provide assistance and to grant system access.  Specific instructions for each person responsible for the tasks below will be emailed upon receipt of Key Assignments. 

Click here to access the Key Assignments Form

Step 2: Upload School Data File – You must do this before you can upload any student data!  We need an Excel file containing information on each school.  Click the link below for the template:

Click here to access the School File Sample

When you are ready to upload your school data file, watch the video and/or click the Appendix A link for detailed written instructions:

School Data File Video             Appendix A: District Data Requirements and Formats

Step 3: Provide Boundary MapsStep 3: Attendance Boundary Maps – We’ll need accurate boundary maps for each school that serves an attendance area.

Option A: If the attendance boundaries have been uploaded to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) database, we will automatically download those boundaries into the StudentView System.

Option B: If the attendance boundaries are NOT found in the NCES database, please send us either: a) the digital shape files (consisting of four files for each boundary) if you have them, or b) accurate street maps showing clear and precise boundaries for elementary, middle, and high schools in your district.

Email map files / Shape, PDF, etc. to

Step 4: Upload Student Data Files – based on October enrollment counts. Create a separate file for your current year’s October enrollment snapshot, and each of three preceding years Fall enrollment snapshots. These files should contain students who are actively enrolled in a school in your district.  Exclude Home School, Hospital, NPS, Community Day School, Adult Education, Independent Study, Charter Schools (unless operated by your district). 

Click here to access the Student File Sample

When you are ready to upload your student data file, watch this video and/or click the Appendix B link  for detailed written instructions

Student Data File Video           Appendix B: Instructions for Student Data Files

Step 5: Provide Residential Development Data– If residential development is being proposed in your district and you are NOT contracting with us to conduct residential research, please provide the data in the form below.  If you are contracting with us please send us any information you already have on residential development in your district.

Click here to access the Residential Development Data File Sample

 Upon completion, email this document to

The Video and Document Below will provide you with information on the Set-Up process: