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Our dynamic team is comprised of seasoned professionals, who have a deep understanding of the support district leaders need to make difficult decisions. With a strong focus on customer service, our team members are selected for their ability to communicate and understand our clients’ needs as well as for their technical and non-technical abilities.



MikeRMike Regele

President & CEO

Mr. Regele brings over 20 years of expertise applying geo-demographic analysis and studies to planning and decision making. His specialty lies in the creation of GIS-based demographic models and the interpretation and presentation of demographic research and student enrollment forecasts. Mr. Regele used this knowledge and experience to design the functional capabilities of the DI StudentView System. He firmly believes that complex data must be presented in a manner that promotes good understanding and supports wise decisions.

DWaldfogelDean Waldfogel, PhD

Senior Vice President

With over four decades of leadership experience in public education, Dr. Waldfogel brings a unique perspective to DecisionInsite. Formerly the Superintendent of the Irvine Unified School District, he invested over 32 years in the district as an administrator. Dr. Waldfogel was the chief designer and developer of the Irvine enrollment projection model that very successfully supplied the district with information necessary to plan for school facilities and staffing in concert with the Irvine Company’s development of the Irvine community. His model guided Irvine Unified from serving a community of 50,000 to now well over 200,000 over two decades.

Client Development


Ron Van Orden

Vice President 

Ron Van Orden serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DecisionInsite. In this role, Ron is responsible for ensuring that DI continually meets and exceeds our client’s expectations. Mr. Van Orden has over 16 years of experience working with K-12 School District Leaders. Ron has worked in business development and sales roles, implementing educational and business system software solutions.

Kelly Stevens

Western USA Region

Ms Stevens serves at the main point of contact for DecisionInsite’s new and existing districts in California. Focusing on providing a high level of support, she strives to establish long-term partnerships with the districts in her region. Ms. Stevens comes from a 17 year career in IT business development, working with all levels of public education.

LWarnerLaird Warner, Ph.D

Regional Consultant

Dr. Laird P. Warner has over 37 years of experience in the field of education with 34 years in administrative positions.  Subsequent to being a high school principal and assistant principal, he served 26 years as Superintendent of Schools in three districts in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Warner has taught at the high school and college levels, and has extensive experience working with boards in strategic planning, team building, human resources negotiations, budgeting and executive coaching

After retiring from Rose Tree Media School District where he served as superintendent for ten years, Dr. Warner joined DecisionInsite, and consults with clients throughout Pennsylvania.

Sean Gorius

Eastern US Sales

Sean serves at the main point of contact for DecisionInsite’s new and existing districts in the Eastern Region. Sean’s focus is to provide valuable solutions and exceptional support with the overall goal of creating long-term successful relationships with all districts. Prior to joining DecisionsInsite Sean has 12 years of experience offering curriculum solutions to schools and districts.

Research & Consulting

bterryBruce Terry

Senior Director

Mr. Terry serves as Senior Director for DecisionInsite. As a career educator, he has been a classroom teacher, a K-8 principal, and a technology director. Current responsibilities include managing the DecisionInsite team that tenaciously pursues developers, city and county planning departments to obtain the best possible data regarding the product type and anticipated closing dates of proposed residential development. Additionally, Mr. Terry is the primary provider of training new and ongoing clients to help them utilize the power of the StudentView system. 

tferruzzoTony Ferruzzo

Senior Consultant

Mr. Ferruzo has provided support to many of our school district clients as they created a process to: 1) assess needs by evaluating enrollment projections and school capacities; 2) work with committees to design and reconfigure school boundary scenarios and/or grade level configurations; 3) provide a Board of Education with viable alternatives; and, 4) communicate with parent communities. A former principal, district administrator and math instructor, Mr. Ferruzzo was also the founding principal for two new high schools. In both cases, he experienced firsthand the practical effects of sound and not-so-sound boundary decisions.

mreiderMark Reider

Projections Analyst

Hayley Rigali

Residential Development & Projections Analyst


Olivia Young

Projections Analyst




Projections Analyst




System Design & Development

Jason Mericle

Production Manager

With an extensive background in business technologies, systems, and analytics, Jason Mericle is responsible for overseeing the processing of client data into useful reports and other business intelligence as well as managing the other various consulting services provided by DecisionInsite. Mr. Mericle graduated summa cum laude from Azusa Pacific University with a BS in Organizational Development.


Kenny Tran

Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Tran serves as one of DecisionInsite’s system engineers. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a BS in Computer Engineering. He has been designing and implementing Web Applications using Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework, ASP.NET and SQL since 2005.


pgrossmanPam Grossman

Human Resources

Margie Young




Lora Miller

Office Manager