Culture & Values


A dedicated team, ready to help.

DecisionInsite is a dedicated, responsive group of thoughtful,  energetic thinkers who understand the challenges facing school districts. We are comprised of experienced educators, community leaders and technological innovators.  There is not a person in the organization that does not want to do his or her utmost for each and every client.

Our values are simple…

  • We are Client Centered
    We believe our clients come first. We are professional in all of our interactions and available when needed. Our products and services are designed to serve their needs first.
  • We believe in High Quality and Usability
    We believe every DecisionInsite product and service must be of the highest quality and it must pass the test of ease and usability.
  • We believe all of our solutions must have Technical Innovation
    We believe our clients are best served if we are constantly innovating new technologies. We are committed to offering the best technical location-based innovations imaginable.
  • Personal & Corporate Integrity is a must
    We believe that personal and corporate integrity are a sacred trust and the foundation of all good relationships we have with our clients.