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About Us

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We are Enrollment Impact Specialists

A District’s enrollment patterns impact many things – from facilities to budgets to student transportation and beyond. Changes in enrollment patterns can create challenges that are difficult to manage and solve. At DecisionInsite, we partner with our clients to help them understand and solve enrollment related challenges in less time and with more clarity.


Our Story

DecisionInsite’s story speaks to our mission, today and beyond. Ten years ago Mike Regele,a former Irvine USD School Board member and Dean Waldfogel, PhD, a former Superintendent of the Irvine USD School District, founded DecisionInsite. Dean created an enrollment projection methodology which guided Irvine USD through a period of growth that  involved the opening of  many new schools and tremendous change for the district. Due to their backgrounds and experience, Mike and Dean knew they had all the elements to create a powerful solution for other districts facing enrollment related challenges.

DecisionInsite’s current solutions evolved from this original mission to create powerful, yet easy-to-use tools and technology that school district leaders can use to implement sound administrative decisions for their district and community.